Iftikhar Ahmed

Consultant Solicitor

Iftikhar Ahmed is a Solicitor serving individual clients and provides specialist advice in connection with Immigration, family, property, wills, probate and civil law.

Iftikhar has served clients from all walks of life but has a particular understanding of the Immigration and family issues. Iftikhar has also advised extensively on the issues of Muslim family Laws and Islamic Inheritance Law.

Iftikhar now lives in West Midlands and work as a consultant having gained a wealth of experience working in London and West Midlands and served as a Partner and Sole Principal in a prominent law firm.   
Iftikhar has a down to earth and pragmatic approach that makes for strong relationships with clients and he believes that working closely with the client’s other advisers, typically accountants and Independent Financial Advisers, is key to securing the best outcomes and advice that fits the specific needs of each client.
He has extensive experience in Immigration, family, Inheritance Tax cases, including those with a foreign element.  He also has a solid understanding of Capital Gains Tax law. 

In his spare time Iftikhar enjoys spending time with his family and has a keen interest in charity work. Iftikhar has travelled in the United States and worldwide.

Iftikhar Ahmed

To contact Iftikhar directly:
Tel: 01234350244

E: i.ahmed@dvsolicitors.com

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