Immigration Services

95% Success rate on Home Office Appeals  
98% Success rate on Family Entry Clearance

Immigration law comprises of a system of rules and regulations which can easily cause confusion and frustration. The consequences of making an uninformed decision or a wrong application could be disastrous leading to wasted costs and serious repercussions on a leave to remain status. Our team of specialist and highly experienced immigration solicitors in Bedford offer an initial advice consultation in which they can provide guidance and advice in helping you to make the right application suitable to your circumstances.

We can help with the following:

  • Marriage Visa UK

  • Spouse Visa UK

  • Civil Partnership Visa UK

  • Fiance Visa UK

  • Student Visa UK

  • Business Visa UK

  • Visit Visa UK

 In an initial consultation, you will be guaranteed the following:

  • Tailored expert advice

  • We will identify any risks and offer practical solutions to any potential immigration problems

  • Provide an accurate estimate of costs in making an application

We charge a fixed fee for this consultation as our specialist team will need to carefully consider your specific circumstances and provide tailored advice.

Checking and Proof-reading Service

Our Immigration solicitors are willing to carefully check your application to give you peace of mind that it has fulfilled the strict Home Office guidelines.

The benefits of our checking and proof-reading service include:

  • A careful consideration of your application to ensure that it meets the strict Home Office criteria

  • Advice on any weaknesses in the application and how it can be improved

  • Guidance on documentary evidence needed to support any application

We charge a fixed fee for this service which is indicative of the care and attention that our specialist team will exercise in checking your application.

Immigration Applications

We offer a specialist service covering a range of applications for both individuals and businesses. We understand that time is of the essence with the majority of applications that we deal with and it is for this reason we have a handpicked team who will meticulously provide a timely service whilst not compromising on the quality of the service.

  • Tier 1 – Entrepreneur, investor, exceptional talent and graduate visas

  • Tier 2 – Employer sponsor licence, Sponsor licence application, sponsored skilled workers, work visa, intra company transfer, minister of religion, sportsperson, sponsor duties and immigration compliance.

  • Tier 4 – Student visa, sponsor licences for Education providers, student visit visa and short-term study visa 

  • Tier 5 - Temporary workers visa's including: creative and sporting, charity, religious workers and youth mobility scheme. 

Immigration Appeals


Deo Volente Solicitors are fortunate to have a team of experts who specialise in appealing Home Office decisions. We have a very impressive success rate in challenging and overturning Home Office refusals across a wide range of immigration matters. We will prepare your grounds of appeal, draft witness statements, collate all necessary evidence to support your appeal and organise representation at your appeal hearing to ensure that you are given every chance of success in your case.

Our clients have commended us on our thorough approach to appeals and we take this work very seriously to give you assurance that you are in the best hands.

Our work includes:

  • Preparing thorough grounds of appeal

  • Collating all the necessary evidence to support your appeal

  • Preparing witness statements for the appellant, sponsor and all relevant parties

  • Instructing counsel to provide representation at your hearing



If you or a family member are facing deportation, it is essential that you seek legal advice immediately. 

This will usually occur if you are a non-British national and have been convicted of a serious criminal offence. It is common practice that you and your family members will be subject to the deportation order hence the urgency of this matter.

At Deo Volente Solicitors, our team of highly experienced and dedicated solicitors will provide you with exceptional advice, tailored to your particular circumstances. Expert advice will be given in plain and simple English for you to understand.

Our aim is to secure your freedom and to regularise your stay at the earliest opportunity with our combined knowledge and years of experience. We will ensure that a detailed assessment is carried out and that all necessary steps are taken to make you feel at ease.  

We are available to visit you in prison or at the detention centre to provide you with support and guidance through this difficult time. 


Removal directions will be set if you have remained beyond the expiry of your visa, you have entered the UK illegally or by means of deception and if you have failed to comply with the conditions attached to your leave.  

In these particular circumstances, time is of the essence and it is highly recommended that you contact our offices to prevent your removal from the UK.

Our immediate action will be to assess the merits for challenging your removal notice and to proceed with appealing against this order. We will not hesitate and will apply to the High Court for an injunction should your case merit this, in order to prevent your removal.  With our robust approach we aim to deliver you with the best results.

We will continue to consider ways to regularise your stay in the UK whilst avoiding a ban on you from re-entering the country.

Our team of friendly and devoted solicitors will ensure that we rise above all your expectations and to achieve the best outcome for you and your family members.


To be eligible for Asylum you must have left your home country and be unable to go back because you fear persecution. Although some asylum seekers might enter the UK illegally, once they have applied for asylum they are no longer ‘illegal’. Anyone seeking protection is entitled to stay in the UK whilst awaiting a decision on their asylum claim. Someone who has received a positive decision on his or her asylum claim is called a refugee.

You should apply when you arrive in the UK or as soon as you think it would be unsafe for you to return to your own country. Your application is more likely to be denied if you wait.

After you apply you’ll have a meeting with an immigration officer (known as a ‘screening’ interview) and then an asylum interview with a caseworker.

Our specialist team guide clients through the entire asylum process. Each case is unique and our services are totally tailored to your case. We have established processes in place to ensure that we pay careful attention to the detail of all aspects of your particular circumstances. Our work on your behalf will include:

  • A detailed review of your circumstances to establish if you qualify

  • Answers to any questions you may have regarding your application

  • Ensuring the information needed to support your application is correct

  • Completion of your application form

  • Submission of your application

  • Detailed advice on attendance at both the screening interview and the substantive interview

  • Practical advice on the decision and on your rights of appeal

  • Representation at an appeal if the case has sufficient merit

We undertake all cases in asylum and our experience in dealing with, and winning these cases means that you can be assured of a high quality, professional service which assists to relieve clients and their families of worry and anxiety during stressful times.

Full representation at complex appeal hearings


Our team of specialist immigration advisers can assist with a number of challenging and complex appeal hearings. We work closely with some of the top barristers in the UK to ensure that your case is fully heard In court.


We have a fantastic success rate at appeal hearings. Some of our recent successes have included;


  • Our client, a member of the LGBT community from Pakistan was granted refugee status in the UK following meticulous case preparation and submissions in court;

  • Representation for a client who was refused further leave to remain in the UK on the basis that the specified evidence in relation to his self-employment was not provided with the application. We successfully argued before the Judge that there was sufficient evidence before the Home Office which demonstrated that our client met the financial requirements;

  • Success at EU appeals which have included allowed appeals for a family of 4 under the Surinder Singh Route and the Retained Rights of Residence provisions contained in European Law

Immigration Fees list


  • One off consultation (does not include checking application) – FREE

  • Application checker – £250 plus VAT


Immigration Applications:


  • Spouse/family member applications – From: £1500

  • Tier 1- Entrepreneur visa – £2500 plus VAT

  • Tier 4 student application – £1250 plus VAT

  • Long residence application – £1500 plus VAT

  • EEA – Temporary – £950 plus VAT Permanent – £1350 plus VAT

  • Naturalisation – £1250 plus VAT

  • Further Leave to Remain applications – £1195 plus VAT

  • Appeals – From 2500 plus VAT (excludes disbursements and Counsel fees)

  • Asylum and Protection claims – From: £3000 plus VAT

  • Judicial review application – From £3000 plus VAT

  • Deportation – From 2500 plus VAT 

"DV Solicitors have been nothing but helpful with my immigration matter. Their strategy is unique with a professional team of solicitors, litigators guided by their Senior Partner, Mr Rehman. I've being on this matter for a while now, not until a talented member of their team Khurshid Ali took my case to Judicial Review. What I feared could turn out to be disastrous, turned out to be my victory after years of heartaches. Many thanks to Khurshid Ali, and the rest of the team for all their help. I highly recommend DV solicitors." - Mr O


Thank you!

We're always grateful to receive gifts after winning immigration cases for our clients. Thank you to everyone who's treated us to chocolates, flowers, homemade goodies and perfumes! Its great knowing our service has exceeded your expectations.
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