DV Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary informal process where both the parties have control over the outcome. Mediators are totally impartial which means that they will facilitate the mediation whilst maintaining a neutral role – neither party will be forced into an agreement.

The process is entirely confidential and so is the outcome, which can be drawn up as a legal document or remain as a signed up informal agreement.

Why choose mediation?

  • Flexible – An appointment is arranged around the availability of the parties, this can take place over the telephone, Skype/Facetime or email.

  • Voluntary – The parties have control over the process, rather than having a decision imposed on them by a court or arbitrator.

  • Focus – The aim of mediation is to reach a binding settlement agreement between the parties, bringing the dispute to an end.

  • Quick – Unlike litigation, mediation appointments can be arranged swiftly, providing both parties are available. Our process of allocating a mediator to your appointment ensures that there are no delays.

  • Cost effective – Fees are significantly lower than the litigation process.

The Mediator

Our panel of Mediators are skilled and experienced to the same level. They are registered with the Civil Mediation Council and have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Each mediator has been selected and accepted on to the DV Mediation Panel by our Head of ADR Mr Paul Turner.

See our dedicated sister-site for more information on how mediation can help you at: www.dvmediation.com

For general mediation enquries please email adr@dvsolicitors.com

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