Qamar Rehman

Senior Partner

Qamar-ur Rehman LLB, MA has over 19 years of experience working as a professional and practising originally as an advocate and then as a solicitor. 

His care and service to the community contributed in the successful launch of his firm, Rehman Solicitors, in 2007. Qamar-ur Rehman has built his credentials through personal referrals, reflecting his attention to detail and his successful deliverance on everyday matters requiring legal assistance. Specialising in business and general immigration law, Islamic wills, finance and inheritance, Qamar-ur Rehman provides a personal touch and care to assist his clients.


The success of Rehman Solicitors has led to the formation of Deo Volente Solicitors, which provides added services to the community and mirrors the model of devotedness and support to all clients through a dedicated team that Qamar-ur Rehman leads. 

Qamar-Ur Rehman

To contact Mr Rehman directly:
Tel: 01234350244

"Thanks to DV Solicitors for handling my wife's immigration case in an intelligent way. Otherwise she could have been deported from UK, and long time and process would have been on my way to get her back. I am impressed the way DV solicitors team accepted this challenge and truly and unbelievably made it. She got residence card within 9 months and now we are happily living together with two kids. I must appreciate that work done by DV solicitors for me and my family. No doubt you are the best law firm as per my experience and especially in immigration matters. Cheers!!!" - Mr A


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